Family tradition and expertise

Simplicity and elegance

The traditions of knowledge and elegance remain, carefully preserved

and transmitted by a team of top professionals competing for imagination,

skill and modesty.

Between their fingers magically born wildest bouquets, sweetest,

most secret and most prestigious.


Just by magic, their experts hands give life to your most secret,

tender or crazy dreams.


At Lachaume each creation is unique. Each bouquet is a reflection of who you are and express your most profound emotions better than any other message.

Only ephemere lasts !

The nature brings to every season its delight and its treasures of flowers

to dazzle our eyes and move our senses.

Roses, peonies, orchids, flowerets mix, so the magic operates and Lachaume offers you sublime short-lived. It is then necessary to take its time to look and admire these real marvels.

The iconic “Bouquet Chic”

Discover the flower scents of our "Bouquet Chic" Collection in our Online Shop.