Lachaume : The Maison Lachaume: our motto is excellence

Maître Fleuriste since 1845, settled on the prestigious Rue Royale in Paris since La Belle Epoque of late 1800s, Lachaume has always stayed true to its identity since the time when Marcel Proust came daily to decorate his buttonhole with a fresh cattleya.

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The history of Lachaume is above all the one of a secretive and warm family, united by a common passion, whose creative approach and high sense of beauty goes back to its Venetian origins. From one generation to the next, a specific savoir-faire and expertise is lovingly transmitted by Madame Giuseppina Callegari.

Lachaume : The Lachaume boutique: an extraordinary garden

The boutique’s decor: an amazing perfumed voyage, where the flowers endlessly reflect themselves in huge mirrors, thus creating in the heart of the French capital a true oasis of peace and refinement. Unexpected and ingenious arrangements are displayed amongst pink marbles, rock gardens, a fountain and frescoes.

On the boutique’s own floor, an impressive display of medals calls to mind the numerous distinctions received by Lachaume since its creation.

Lachaume : Savoir-faire

At the Maison Lachaume, the tradition of know-how and elegance remains intact and is preciously transmitted by a highly professional team of just a few, whose imagination, ability, modesty and kindness is unmatched.
Just by magic, their expert hands give life to your most secret, tender or crazy dreams. At Lachaume, each creation is unique. Each arrangement is a reflection of who you are and will express your most profound emotions better than any other message.

Lachaume : Creation: the magician of the ephemeral

Nature is an enchantment and each season endlessly brings its treasures of flowers to dazzle our eyes and enchant our senses.
The magic of Lachaume is in the harmony of colours and flowers, to treat you to the magic of the ephemeral. Then all is left to do is to take the time to look, contemplate and feel, till infatuation with the sweet aroma.